His Without Reserve

This website recognizes these prerequisites for our building a character like Christ’s:
    Faith in the sacrifice of Jesus
    The work of the Holy Spirit in the heart
    Our setting ourselves apart as His without reserve

This website’s purposes are:

  • To reveal how eager God is to have a people He can call His own.
  • To explain that God’s people are called to separate totally from godless values and attitudes.
  • To teach that self-denial is not a weakness but a strength in building a character like Christ’s.
  • To show how attractive it is to respond without reserve to God’s call to holiness.


The Website's Scope

The broad topic area of this website is sanctification, the daily process through which we who believe in Christ choose conformity to the will of God. By doing so we grow spiritually, becoming more and more like our Savior. Through a life of surrender to Him we bring glory to God.

Associated topics are:

  • My People: God’s relentless endeavor to create a nation–a kingdom–of  people who are His very own.
  • Holiness: Separating from godlessness and attaching ourselves to Christ within the inner sanctuary of our souls.
  • Divine-human interaction: Developing a functional interpersonal relationship with God as we seek and find Him and He seeks and finds us.
  • Glorifying God: Learning how we who are citizens of the kingdom of heaven benefit God and His kingdom.
  • Image Restoration: Discovering how the plan of salvation includes our having the divine image restored in us.
  • Gracing Others: Allowing the most cherished of all God’s gifts to us to become our highest gift to others.