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F. Donald Yost is a retired Seventh-day Adventist minister. He served the Church in full-time employment for 46 years as editor, teacher, writer, and as archivist and statistical specialist. He was a member of the General Conference Executive Committee, the world governing body, for 25 years. He earned a master of arts degree in journalism from the American University and a doctor of philosophy degree in communication–area of the press–from Syracuse University.

Although this website is a personal website and therefore is not sponsored nor supported by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, its owner writes in full harmony with its Fundamental Beliefs and its mission.

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Sola Scriptura
and Tota Scriptura

The Latin phrase sola scriptura (only the Scriptures) declares the doctrine born in the Protestant Reformation that the Bible and the Bible only is the authority for Christian doctrine. On undertaking the writing of We’re Called to Become Like Jesus, I chose to use the Bible only as my source for answering the question that plagued me: “Why are Christians called to be holy?” No works by non-Biblical writers contributed to my research. Other items in this website include concepts found in the works of other authors, yet the principle of sola scriptura prevails, that is, no source outside the Bible is authoritative.

A second Latin phrase that applies to this website is tota scriptura (all the Scriptures). In my study I attempted to find and evaluate every occurrence of selected key words as found in our current English translations of the Bible. Excepting the Apocrypha, no parts of the Bible were overlooked.

A Theology Note

In the field of systematic theology “holiness” and its twin “sanctification” are placed under the heading of “soteriology” (the doctrine of salvation).